Eye of the Beholder @GOGcom #videogame #QuarantineLife

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I recently rediscover the classic (1990) video game, Eye of the Beholder (“EotB”). For a limited time, the trilogy were offered free from GoG.com, which allows you to play them on your modern PC. You can still get them, but I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for them.

I used to be a video game junkie back in the days of arcades, but by the time they reached people’s homes, I was either too busy or too poor to play. Eventually, I lost interest. EotB came out during that overlap between those two periods. Considering what most video games looked like at that point in time (as far as I knew), the graphics and game play for EotB was phenomenal. It was as good as some arcade games. Moreover, I was particularly attracted to this game because in 1981, I was forbidden from playing role-playing games due to several unsubstantiated anecdotes of how damaging they could be (e.g., Satanism, failing out of school).

If you don’t have a nostalgic connection to the game, you may not like playing it, but this is exactly the kind of thing that can make quarantine life bearable. 🙂

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