Yet Another Update to My #5e #DnD One-Stop Stat Blocks #rpg

Please visit this post for the latest status.

I’ve made some more progress on my one-stop stat blocks for 5e D&D. I’ve gotten all the way to the slaadi, and perhaps my most tiring statblock is up next: the androsphinx. After that, I have the gynosphinx, the unicorn, all three yuan-ti, and all four yugoloths. Mike Shea, a.k.a. Sly Flourish, reminded me that my work still won’t be done after that. I still have a few NPCs in the back of the monster manual that could use some work: the archmage, the cult fanatic, the druid, the mage, and the priest.


By the way, I sent a tweet to Wolfgang Baur (@monkeyking) requesting that he use my format for his upcoming project, Tome of Beasts. If you like my work, you might want to inundate him with similar requests. Only spellcasters need my format, so it wouldn’t be much of a burden on them to add this format to those few creatures that needed it.

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