Whacky Watch: Zardoz @hulu #movie #GoodWatch

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This movie was from 1974, but I had never seen it, and when I found out this past weekend that it was on Hulu, I knew I just had to watch it.

My online conversations leading up to my viewing were interesting. One friend suggested that Zardoz was “a fairly effective antidote to the Bond stereotype which is what I recall Sir Sean was going for.” Yet another claimed,

Only one person seemed to like it, referring to it as “awesome,” but as I said, I had to watch this. It didn’t take long for this to get weird. I have so many questions. Were those plants sighing? Did the Good Place base its last season on Zardoz? Was the Vortex founded by Princess Leia? How much did they have to pay Connery to wear a wedding dress?

“Zardoz says . . . .”
“What does Zardoz say?”

Well, let him finish the sentence, and you’ll find out, dipshit.

This film was made by John Boorman, who made the equally weird (but magnificent) Excalibur. This film at times uses cheesy, heavy-handed, and downright stupid dialogue to get across its point, but as far as science fantasy goes, it’s not nearly as bad as I’ve heard. It actually raises some interesting philosophical issues (one of which is shared by the brilliant, the Good Place), just raising them in the most awkward way possible. If you can look past the weird, you may find yourself enjoying it as much as I did.

As always, YMMV.

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Good Watch: Solar Opposites @JustinRoiland @MikeMcMahanTM @hulu #GoodWatch #QuarantineLife

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This is an easy post to write. Justin Roiland and MikeMcMahan created Rick & Morty, and now they’ve created Solar Opposites, a show about aliens who escaped the destruction of their planet and crashed on Earth about a year before season 1 starts. Like Rick Sanchez, the family has trouble dealing with aspects of society that we all take for granted, such as homeowners associations and restrictions on criminal behavior. Okay, we actually don’t take those things for granted. Then there’s the racism.

If Rick & Morty is your thing, this may be as well. It’s stupid fun in a similar way. Season 1 has 8 episodes of less that 30 minutes each, so you can binge the entire season in an afternoon.

Solar Opposites streams on Hulu.

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