Anniversary of Homeownership #Caturday

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Today is the one-year anniversary of closing on my house. While I didn’t move in until the 11th, I became a homeowner on this day. After settling in for a year, I wanted to get cat, but a pipe burst on Christmas Day and flooded the place. I’m going through the long, arduous process of getting it straightened out, so the cat will have to wait. Despite these recent troubles. I really love this house and the neighborhood. It suits me perfectly.

So, anyway, here’s a Caturday meme.

Happy anniversary?

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Medical Watch: House, M.D. @peacockTV #GoodWatch #HouseMD

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Every now and then, I pick a show that for some reason interests me but I’ve never watched, and I binge watch it. It may be because I’ve seen a bunch of episodes that I liked (e.g. The Office and, well, House M.D.); I’ve seen a bunch of scenes via Facebook that I liked, which sometimes worked out and sometimes didn’t; it stars actors that I love; or I just heard really great things (e.g., Parks and Recreation). The past two weeks, I started watching House M.D.

Overall, I like the show, but this isn’t about making recommendations. I just want to make two quick observations. First, other than the Shield, I can’t think of any shows I watched that had multiple antiheroes working with multiple heroes, all working well together. Second, for a relatively short time, I had to walk with a cane, so I know how to do it. You’d think that wouldn’t be a difficult skill to master, but apparently it is. Let me put it this way: I don’t think I’d ever trust a doctor would used a cane with his right hand if his right leg was the problem (or vice versa). You hold the cane with the hand on the same side as the injury.

I didn’t like the last episode of season 2, which turned out to be a massive dream sequence (it could have been worse), and the trope of a disapproving and interfering boss is annoying (especially when the main character is always right), but so far I’m good with the episodes I had never seen before. I’m on season 3, so I have a long road ahead of me.

I can’t wait to see the episode where it actually is lupus.

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Responsibility #HomeSweetHome #Caturday

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A while back, my friend, Josie, asked, “Why don’t you have a cat?” I responded, “I’ll get a cat as soon as I grow up.” Now that I’ve bought a house, does that mean I’m an adult?

Probably not, but I may still get a cat. There are some advantages.

All I have to do is find one that looks just like me.

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I’m Here! #HomeSweetHome

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Friday, it was legally official. Today, it’s logistically official. The movers came and moved in all the big stuff. I’m 100% in my new house.

Again, absolutely no lawn to mow.

A few points:

  1. Why didn’t anyone tell me I’d be spending so much time at Home Depot? I guess my Realtor did by implication. Among other things, he (Jeff Ganz, Century 21 Real Estate) gave me a $100 gift card to Home Depot, but that wasn’t blunt enough for a dolt like me.
  2. I’ve lived a rather simple life; one without things like cabinets. For the past 8-1/2 years, do you know where my frying pan was stored? On the stove. When I wasn’t using it, I simply moved it to the back burner that I never used. Now I can put it away. Fortunately, my childhood memories told me that there’s often a drawer at the bottom of the oven for that sort of thing, so I have that covered, but you can imagine how little I have covered.
  3. It doesn’t help that I have so much cabinet space that trying to store things is like perusing a Cheesecake Factory menu. If anyone would like to come over and organize everything, please do. I could use a nap anyway. Wake me up when you’re finished.
  4. I’m happy to say that a handful of people have offered me free furniture, one of them more than the others. This will look less like a wasteland and more like a home soon enough.
  5. Yes, I own a frying pan.

If you have a better word for it than “logistical,” start your own blog.

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Home Improvement Tips #HomeSweetHome

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Sundays now are lazy days for me. I either post something silly or other people’s work. Usually both. Today, it’s a video on 25 tips for home improvement. Having just bought my first house, I’m on a house-related run.

Some of this is obvious/lame, but as a new homeowner, there seem to be some good ideas in here. If you have a better video, please let me know.

I know what thrice means, dipshit!

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