The Egyptian Pantheon for 4th Edition D&D

Until gets its wiki back up, I’m reposting my stat blocks for the Egyptian gods here. I’ve also reposted my stat blocks for the Central American gods, too. For both pantheons, I’ve based the stat blocks on a combination of ancient legends and their treatment in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Deities & Demigods reference. Accordingly, my treatment might differ with your understanding of the legends associated with the gods. In fact, that might even be the case if I had relied 100% on the ancient legends, as those stories changed dramatically over time. Politics, a changing social dynamic, and the unreliability of oral tradition all caused major changes to those legends. In any case, these stat blocks should work for you, and customizing what I give you is what RPG gaming is all about, so do with them what you will.

Geb, the Egyptian god of giagantism.

Horus, the Egyptian God of kicking ass and taking names. Seriously, his legends could be used as inspiration to pornographers everywhere.

Isis, the Egyptian God of being loved by everyone.
Osiris, the Egyptian god of getting a raw deal. I can’t think of another god of the underworld that was considered “good” by his people.
Ptah, the Egyptian god of giving you the heeby-geebies. He was a freaky-looking dude.
Ra, the Egyptian god of being in charge … until real-world politics change the legends.
Set, the Egyptian god of doing unspeakably horrible things to your nephew. He was a real freak.

Sobek, the Egyptian god of not judging a book by its cover.
Thoth, the Egyptian god of being a nerd, something to which all gamers can relate.