Yet a Fourth Random Memory: The Best Business Card #business #advertising

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I was rummaging through my desk drawers the other day and came across something that inspired this post. About 15 years ago, I was at work, and one of the real estate investors was holding a wad of $100 bills. I thought, “Does he think we’re all impressed with how wealthy he is? Because it actually looks pathetic.”

I was somewhat surprised when he decided to hand me the cash, only it wasn’t cash. It was the best business card I’d ever seen.

Not bad for a 15-year-old business card.

The card opens up. . .

. . . revealing his information.

After all these years, I kept the card because I figured it had to come into use someday, and this is that day!

I guess I can throw it out now.

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Yet Another Random Memory: But This One Is (Perversely) Christmasy #Christmas @1capplegate @DavidFaustino @deadtome

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Last month, the final season of the remarkably good Dead to Me was released on Netflix. I loved that show. The entire time I was watching Christina Applegate act her ass off, I was thinking, “This is Kelly Bundy?!?!”I honestly had no idea she could act like that, and she absolutely nailed it. The rest of the cast nailed it as well, and the writing was superb. It’s literally one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Watch it. (Okay. YMMV.)

Returning to the Bundy family, for all you young-uns out there, Christina Applegate received her big break on a show that ran from 1987 to 1997 called Married with Children (“MwC“). The show centered on the Bundy family. If you look up “dysfunctional family” in the dictionary, you’ll find their family portrait.

I doubt there’s an entry for “dysfunctional family.”

So, today (12/15), I saw the following post hit my stream.

Feo’s reply — in particular, soulmates being a fantasy — made me think about a scene from MwC. The two-part episode was a parody of It’s a Wonderful Life. In the end, the guardian angel (played by the late Sam Kinnison) lamented that he had failed the patriarch, Al, by not only failing to show him how terrible his family would be without him, but actually showing him how much happier they’d be if he had died. In typical MwC fashion, the show turned that around on the viewer by having Al declare that he wanted to live anyway. The angel couldn’t believe it. Has asked why, and Al replied with something along the lines of, “They made me miserable. I don’t want them being happy.”

And that’s when the line is delivered. Al wants to make sure that he’s back in the real world, so he asks his son, Bud, “What’s more important: Love or money?”

Bud replies, “Money. You can always rent love.”

Yeah, I know.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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In case the tweet is ever deleted, here’s a screenshot.