Adventure Log, Act I: Oh, the Weather Outside Is Frightful….

Session 1 (2/21/2014):

These Clouds Don't Move!
These Clouds Don’t Move!

Neverwinter is recovering from months of battle, and the events of the city are at last gaining some sense of normalcy. You’ve each received an invitation from King Brandis  to join a special team of the Kingsguard, and have a meeting with the King tomorrow morning. While no details were given, you suspect it has something to do with the cloud overhead the city. This isolated, large cloud has hovered over the city for the entire day, not seeming to be part of a larger system of clouds, and not affecting by the winds that have steadily blown throughout the day. Caldovan, Eserlanda, and Jacynda were enjoying their last day of rest wandering through the Lawns (the exoctic zoo of Neverwinter), when the lands around the zoo were suddenly sapped of primal energy. The animals on display were freed from their cages, and the three heroes killed the animals. Sadly, not everyone could be saved.

How’d This Get Here?

While cleaning up the scene, the PCs noted a strange sight. A partially-decomposed, decapitated body of a drow elf rested in the middle of a path. The body clearly died about a week prior, so while its clothing was ordinary (i.e., not displaying symbols or other indicators of a particular drow house), it could not have gone unnoticed. The PCs caught sight of Narcoz, a familiar face and member of the Kingsguard. Narcoz requested that the PCs take the body to Kingsguard headquarters and report their findings on what’s happened.

Upon arriving at Kingsguard headquarters, the PCs were greeted by Narcoz, who had been there all day. Clearly, there was an imposter on the loose. While reporting their findings, the PCs learned that there had been some sort of disturbance at the Stormhaven Guild (mages) earlier in the day, and a new report of a disturbance at the Waterclock Guild had just occurred.

Waterclock Guild

The PCs chose to investigate the Waterclock Guild. They’re greeted by clockmaker, Saborn Rendel, who informs them that psionic energy was siphoned from many of his items, including a minor artifact, the Mind of Vhondryl.

Stormhaven Guild

The PCs then visited the mages’ Stormhaven Guild and spoke with the Blue Mage. Much earlier in the day, many of the Guild’s potions for sale were rendered inert. Clearly someone or something had  siphoned arcane power from the area. The PCs deduced that a church was the next likely target but had those concerns immediately realized. A beanstalk was rising from the other side of the district, near where the new Church of Kelemvor rested.

Gnome in the Beanstalk

Upon arrival, the PCs saw a gnome climbing near the top of a beanstalk rapidly growing towards the immobile cloud. The PCs gave chase, but were slowed by some opportunistic hippogriffs that had claimed an area of the beanstalk as a food supply. Eventually, the PCs reached the top and saw a massive castle built to house huge inhabitants. The front entrance was guarded by two liondrakes, but the PCs were able to detect the gnome utilizing an alternative entrance. Following in the gnome’s footprints, so to speak, the PCs sneaked past the liondrakes and entered the kitchen through a pet door. The PCs were confronted by a large housecat that ignored its prior prey — an oversized mouse — in favor of the new arrivals. After subduing the housecat, the PCs continued the chase through the adjoining dining room and through the castle.

An Irritated Goose

Gnomes Suck!

The PCs were able to sneak up on the Gnome’s destination: A room with a large pool in the middle, and perched on short dais, a large goose. Beside the goose were a set of egg-shaped chunks of gold. Four other gnomes were trying to calm the goose but were succeeding only in aggravating it. The gnome the PCs were chasing was trying to get their attention and warn them that he was being followed, but the others are distracted by the goose’s irritating noncompliance. In fact, it looks like they’re getting ready to gut the bird. The PCs have one chance to surprise the gnomes ….

Session 2 (2/28/2014):


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