Adventure Log, Act II: Making a Friend

The PCs engaged the Gnomes from the last session. Not knowing what to expect next, the PCs interrogated their enemies and learned a few things. There was some tension between Jacynda and Eserlanda in how the interrogation would proceed, but the two eventually got in sync with one another.

The actual owner of the castle is a cloud giant named Oblak. The Gnomes were accidentally picked up by the castle when its cloud passed over a mountain. The Gnomes were treated as guests by Oblak, but they betrayed him. The leader of the Gnomes, Groof Pennybottom, placed the castle’s owner in an illusory prison. As far as Oblak was concerned, he was going about his normal business, while in fact he was soundly sleeping in his bed. The Gnomes didn’t know how to take control of the cloud, so Groof traveled to the surface with an artifact (the “Widget”) that has the ability to siphon energy. Groof naively believed that the device, once charged with multiple forms of energy, could be used to control the cloud.

The PCs traveled upstairs to the master bedroom, where they found a snoring cloud giant. The PCs promised to tell King Brandis that Groof was cooperative if he were willing to awake Oblak gently. Groof complied, and Oblak was awoken. Once calmed, Oblak informed the PCs that he was at Neverwinter to attend the same meeting the PCs were to attend the next day. Despite the fact that the PCs kept the golden egg Caldovan had stolen, they made an ally through quick talk, including blaming the Gnomes for the harm done to Oblak’s pet cat, Snuggles.

Meeting with the King

The next day, the PCs attended the meeting as requested. Along with Oblak, the PCs were joined by wizards of Stormhaven Guild, religious leaders of the churches of Neverwinter, and wizards and religious readers from other realms, such as Waterdeep, Cormyr, and Baldur’s Gate. Jarlaxle was also present with a small contingent of Drow.

The King tasked his friends with retrieving three related artifacts: The Staff of Kaaln, the Rock of Kharaack, and the Sword of Kaarris. Brandis told the PCs that reliable divinations indicated that these three artifacts were needed together in order to save Toril from certain doom. Caldovan knew that Brandis was lying, but Brandis knew his friend well, and told him not to delve deeper. The mission was to be taken on faith.

To find the Rock of Kharaack, the PCs would have to travel to the town of Bryn Shander in the Icewind Dale. The town mayor would have more information. The Sword of Kaarris is located somewhere in the city of Sigil.

The PCs decided to pursue the Staff of Kaaln first, which was located in a site near the Deep Maw. Jarlaxle knew of the site, as the Drow had recently discovered it. Jarlaxle frustrated Brandis by telling the PCs what they were dealing with: The site has come to be known as the Drow Inn. They say Drow check in, but they don’t check out. No one who has entered it has ever returned. Jarlaxle was willing to provide a map to the PCs that would lead them straight to the site.

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