“Purple” Character Sheet

This is by far the greatest PDF character sheet I’ve ever seen for any game system.

Purple Character Sheet

You need to do only a few things yourself, but here are some helpful reminders.

  1. Enter your ability scores, figuring out on your own whether they are compliant with the point-buy system. Here’s a calculator if you don’t have your PHB handy: http://chicken-dinner.com/5e/5e-point-buy.html.
  2. Manually enter your adventuring gear, including encumbrance, but then . . . .
  3. Select your armor from the drop down menu, then enter any appropriate modifiers. You can select armor you don’t own. Don’t cheat. 🙂
  4. Hide the Companion page if you don’t have an animal companion. At the top, center of page 5, there’s a button for Companion Options. Choose “Hide this companion page.”

The primary advantage is that this character sheet calculates attack and damage expressions, calculates skill bonuses, and populates summary text for your class, race, and background features.

The primary drawback is that this character sheet is at least 5 pages long, even longer if you have a companion or spells. You can click on the FAQ button, which will give you links to the author’s page. There you can find PDFs that are dedicated spell repositories for each class, but you don’t strictly need them as far as I can tell. This sheet provides the spells you need.