Adventure Log: The Black Library

Your quest brought you to the Black Library, a massive structure in the Shadowfell where the spirits of the dead go before being passed along to their final resting place. You, however, have no business with the recently departed. You seek the information contained in the “books” of the Library, the memory crystals that contain all the information in the universe. To gain entrance, you shared information with the Apprentice Librarian that met you at the doorway. You told him of the aberrant parasites that you had encountered. As these creatures are new to the universe, the Apprentice Librarian allowed you to trade that knowledge for the knowledge you sought.

Once your memories were copied to the crystals he provided, he allowed you to access crystals containing a record of the events leading to the formation of the artifacts containing the fragments of the nihilist demigod, Triund. First, you disrupted a ritual cast by red arcanians that once trapped Triund’s intelligence, personality, and arcane might into the Staff of Kaaln. From experiencing this memory, you learned that the way to destroy the Staff is to bury it in the most chaotic part of the Elemental Chaos, and cast an Entomb ritual (one with which you’re unfamiliar). Next, you stopped the memory of a Dragonborn Necromancer from using a blood golem, a bone golem, and a flesh golem to trap the physical might of Triund into the Sword of Kaarris. From experiencing this memory, you learned that the way to destroy the Sword is to die in battle while wielding it. Finally, you retrieved the Rock of Kharaack before a bone devil and his minions had the chance to infuse it with Triund’s divine might. From experiencing this memory, you learned that the way to destroy the Rock is to travel to the Fetters in Dis and bury it in the Garden of Dispater located in the courtyard of the Infernal Court. Upon completing each mission, the memory of these events faded, the last time returning you to your true surroundings.

More to Learn

When you awoke, the Apprentice Librarian noted how quickly you returned. “Your ‘trip’ must have been a remarkable success … or a dismal failure.” Realizing how little time had passed in your reality, you know that you have time to learn a little more about your universe. “So, my new friends, what would you like to know…?”

Please let me know at the start of session (or earlier) what you would like to know. If you’re obnoxious enough to say, “Tell me everything I want to know about this mission,” I’ll tell you nothing. 🙂 Ask me a specific question, and I’ll answer it. Also keep in mind that the parasite creatures are new, so you can’t receive answers about them in particular, but you can ask ones that justify reasonable inferences as answers. Aberrants in general are nothing new.

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